By the Military,
For the Military


Our Mission

At USG Distribution, our mission is bringing healthy products to U.S. service members and their families around the globe. We work towards this mission while employing active military, reservists, spouses of those actively serving, wounded warriors, and veterans.


Our History

Founded in 2017 by a U.S. Marine Special Operations Veteran Commander, USG Distribution quickly put boots on the ground to set up an effective logistics operation, providing goods to military installations worldwide. Originally, our focus centered on tactical products and support. However, we realized there was an opportunity to provide natural, organic and better-for-you products on base, as there was an under-served demand. In response, we leveraged our networks and delivered our first brand, Guayaki's Yerba Mate, as a healthy alternative for the Navy Seals. From this initial experience, we quickly became category captains for the natural, organic and better-for-you products for the military, while continuing to add partners to our portfolio.


Our Team

We are a team of unconventional individuals, active, retired, civilian personnel, who chose to dedicate ourselves in continued service to those who serve and their support networks. USG Distribution singularly focuses on delivering healthy products to U.S. service members and their families. We believe that our greatest contribution to service members and their families comes through building healthy bodies and minds. We leverage our relationships with key military buyers and utilize our distribution network to quickly and efficiently move healthy products across the globe from warehouse to store shelf.

Meet the Leadership Team


Patrick B. Christmas

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining the USG Distribution team, Patrick spent more than 20 years in leadership in Medical Technologies, domestic and internationally. Patrick has continuously sought to drive change and adoption in order to positively impact people's lives through building and commercializing innovative devices, new techniques and fostering start-ups.


Carrington Crain

Director of Brand Relations

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine from Pepperdine University, Carrington came to USG with some exciting plans for the company in her hand (and likely a delicious and healthy snack in the other). Bringing to the table a passion for all things health and wellness related, Carrington joined the USG team armed with plans to help ensure that our USG brands get the positive attention they rightly deserve. 


Nick Rogers

National Sales Director

With a passion for building relationships and helping others, Nick comes to USG with a diverse background in professional athletics, technology and sales management. He is excited about ensuring the growth of USG through all military channels and continuing to provide healthy food and beverage options to those who serve and their families.

Nick lives in Jacksonville, Fl and enjoys spending time with his two young children, fishing, hunting, playing tennis and paddle boarding.


Kevin Eads

National Operations Leader

Kevin Eads joined the USG team as head of National Operations after serving in the Marines and working with the State Department. At home in austere environments he decided to change gears and focus his skills in the business world.