Even Dietitians Love GoMacro Bars

Here at USG, we LOVE GoMacro bars. Our CEO is known to always have a few on him, ready to open when hunger strikes.

We aren’t the only people that love them, though. Many people in the health and wellness industry rave about these bars, citing their clean ingredients, super yummy taste, and sustainable energy.

Registered Dietitian Serena Marie speaks highly of GoMacro bars, saying, “I love them because they're filling and yummy, but not so-sweet that it awakens your inner sugar-demons.”

As she discusses in her post, fat sources, like those in GoMacro bars, are important to fight off chronic disease and helps to decrease inflammation in the body. Protein is vital to keep you feeling full, making these the perfect grab-and-go snack.

Carrington Crain